General terms and conditions

In accordance with the rules laid down in the framework of our ISO 9001 certification, we hereby inform you of the procedures governing our intervention.



Each file is entrusted to a partner in the firm who is responsible for it. The files are distributed among the partners based on each partner’s domain of specialization.

Several partners may work together on a given file if it involves several legal domains of specialization.

In any case, the client is informed of the identity of the persons intervening on the file entrusted to the firm (partners, associates).



The firm is ISO 9001 certified (standard 2008) by LRQA. In this framework, all the attorneys and employees in the firm are bound by a quality charter.

If a client has a complaint to make as to the quality of the services provided by the firm, the partner responsible for the file is available to discuss it immediately.



The fees cover neither disbursements nor expenditures. They do not include the costs and fees of possible advisers and outside service providers who may intervene with the prior consent of the client.

The method for determining the firm’s fees is based essentially on the time spent on the file (analysis, research, drafting of letters and acts, telephone conversations, travel, meetings, court hearing and, generally speaking, all necessary interventions).

The time spent on the file is invoiced at an hourly rate which varies depending on the experience and skills of the person(s) who has performed the services.

The fees may also reflect other factors, in particular the importance, complexity and urgency of the file, or the necessity of working at nights or on weekends.

An additional fee for achieving a given result may be agreed upon with the client. If the result sought for is not achieved, the firm’s fees will then be calculated solely on the hourly basis.



The firm may incur costs and make disbursements for the client’s account. Costs and disbursements, if any, are specified on the invoices.



VAT is added to all invoices, except where the law considers that it is not applicable.



At the client’s request and inasmuch as possible, the firm can estimate the time required for performing the services and the foreseeable amount in ensuing fees.

It is recalled however that a precise prior estimate is often difficult to make given in particular the unforeseeable events at the beginning of the file. The firm shall consequently attempt to narrow down its forecasts, as the file evolves.

In all events, forecasts of fees are provided for the sake of information only and are not binding upon the firm.



As soon as the file is created, the firm requests the payment of a provision to cover initial costs and disbursements and the time spent for analyses and initiating the first necessary measures.

The firm reserves the right to terminate its intervention if the request for a provision sent to the client is not met.



Detailed invoices are sent to the client regularly, on a monthly basis unless otherwise agreed upon with the client.

If the client is not able to pay an invoice and/or considers that the amount thereof is unwarranted, the partner responsible for the file is available to discuss it immediately.

The client’s attention is drawn to the fact that a specific procedure must be followed in order to challenge an invoice: before the President of the Bar Association at the Paris Court and in appeal before the Paris Court of Appeal.

Invoices are payable upon receipt and may be set off against any sum which the firm may hold for the client’s account.

In case of default of payment, the firm reserves the right to suspend or terminate the performance of any services and/or its relations with the client.



The firm’s switchboard is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.